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Buying & Selling

Buyers Premium - 20%+VAT

Payment to be made within 72 hours after the Auction has ended.
Items to be collected within 7 days of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made.
(storage charges may apply if not collected on 7 days)

Vendors Commission - 20%+VAT.

Live Auctions


Sorted into Lots - 20%+VAT, £4+VAT Minimum Charge per Lot &

NO Lotting Fee.

Un-sorted & Boxed Drop-offs - 20%+VAT, £4+VAT minimum charge per lot & £2+VAT Lotting Fee.


Paid Collections (by Van)

20%+VAT, £4+VAT minimum charge per lot & £1+VAT Lotting Fee.


Free Collections (locally by Car)

20%+VAT, £4+VAT minimum charge per lot & £2+VAT Lotting Fee.


Fine Art Auctions

General Items - 12.5%+VAT & NO Lotting Fee.

Jewellery & Gold - 0% & £8+VAT Consignment Fee.

UNSOLD Charge on ALL lots - £8+VAT.

£2 No Reserve Auctions

50%+VAT & NO Lotting Fee.

(All UNSOLD Lots will be entered into our Timed Auctions for FREE)


Above £2,500 - 0% & £50+VAT Consignment Fee,

Below £2,500 - 5%+VAT & £25+VAT Consignment Fee.

Van Collection Rates

1 Man - £40+VAT per hour.

2 Men - £60+VAT per hour.


Any Reserves placed on items must be paid for upon Consignment.



1.5%+VAT per lot. 

Maximum charge per lot £3+VAT.

Maximum charge per consignment £15+VAT.

Payment made up to 21 days after Auction

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